Jasper BeardSr. Director of Patient Access and Affordability - ViiV

    2019 Honoree

    Jasper Beard celebrates an extensive career within ViiV Healthcare and London based parent company Glaxo Smith Kline. He is currently the Sr. Director of Patient Access and Affordability. Prior to that he was the Director of Marketing focusing on the multichannel efforts of ViiV Healthcare. He has spent his youth building a career in healthcare and finding ways to improve the lives of others. Jasper has received national recognition for his contribution to the industry. When asked about ViiV Healthcare he excitedly explains “this organization is 100% dedicated to HIV medicines and research, with a complete focus on people affected by HIV/AIDS. The African American population is being disproportionally affected…and I trust that my work will make a difference” As an undergraduate student at Hampton University he interned with Glaxo Smith Kline. Jasper holds a M.B.A. from the University of Tennessee with a focus on Strategic Leadership and International Studies. Jasper has demonstrated excellence in his field, served this country in the US Military, and a history of supporting his community in both spirit and charity. He is supported by his family, wife and two sons. He enjoys an active lifestyle with a focus on fitness, learning and activities to stimulate his creative and analytical skills. Jasper’s previous experience lends him an enterprise view while his depth of experience gives him an understanding of the important work required to effectually lead within the industry.
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